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Farmer's Market

With the lockdown easing I decided I would give our local farmers a bash ! yes it was scary, would I sell me bakes, how much do I need to make. The questions in my head kept coming, but I put on my big mummy pants and started to bake and get sorted ! My first was in April, on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. The other stall holders from Orton farmers market were on hand to help put the gazebo up, which I have to say them things are heavy !! With in 20 minuets I was set up and ready and waiting for my first customer. After a little bit of nerves I went on to love it. The support from the other traders, my friends and neighbours and even some of my customers who order the big cakes came out to support little old me.

If your passing by on market day do come and say hi ! Im at Shap every forth Saturday and Brough every third Saturday each month.

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